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My edc list

EDC to me means gun or a knife, but since other things started being mentioned...
MIA Bracelet for Col. Dean Pogreba, since Dec. 1971. His F-105 Thunderchief went down on Oct. 5, 1965.
Browning HP Mk. III 9 mm.
Benchmade Barrage folder.


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Hmm, let's see... <pats self down to reveal:>

G43 in Kydex pocket holster
Spare mag in knife pouch
Ancient Kershaw 1620 clipped to offside front pocket
Mini-Mag Solitaire on keyring
Samsung Galaxy S4

Do we really care about watches? Okay, Traser Commander 100 Force
Grumpy attitude (can't forget that... can we? :tongue:)

Sometime varies, especially in winter, weapon could be a G19 in IWB or a Ruger SP-101 .357, either in IWB or Galco shoulder rig (can't wear that one at work, folks get nervous looking at the little hole in the end! :scared: )


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G19 gen 3 using Garrett Industries Silent Thunder IWB holster
+ extra 15rd spare mag.
+ Streamlight ProTax 1L-1AA light (can use either CR123A or AA battery).
+ pocket knife
+ Casio Tough Solar Pathfinder watch
+ wallet
+ Iphone
+ Keys
+ Cash (cash is king and is in a separate location than the wallet)
+ Chapstick



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*Shield 9mm/Stealthgear ventcore mini/1 extra mag
*All Keys
*Mini LED flashlight
*Watch from my late father
*Wedding ring
*Reading glasses
*Leash/100lb dog-goes with me everywhere

**Fixed blade and a .40 cal XD with 2 mags in locked console vault.


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Smith and Wesson M&P shield 9mm
Extra magazine
Two knifes, one SOG, on Camilis
Gerber multi-tool
4 way screw driver
Enhanced IFAK w/med list
Extra AM meds
Day planner
8" tablet
Water bottle
Rothco large shoulder bag (coyote)

As any daily items as needed
Glock 23 in 357 Sig (right now) usually in an off brand IWB kydex holster (Amazon)
Emerson CQC7 no wave
Galaxy S7 Edge
Gear S3 Frontier Smart watch
  • Kahr CM9 in a Blackhawk front pocket holster
  • Extra 7 round mag in a horizontal belt pouch
  • Cold Steel Pro Lite tanto folder
  • Knockoff of an OLight S1 flashlight
  • Neck knife Smith & Wesson SW910TAM
  • Keys with too much crap attached- small pen, usb drive, pill container, mini pry bar
  • Cheap crappy Blu R1 phone
  • Wallet
  • Bandana or hankie
  • Clip on sunglasses for my prescription glasses

I don't wear watches or jewelry.
The mere design of the Sig 365, turning a Glock 43 sized pistol, into a ten round magazine pistol, great design. And being able to add a 12 round spare magazine? Bonus.

My long-standing dedication to my Glock 19 4th gen pistol. Plus a g17 spare magazine will stay. I am too long in the tooth to change many years of being totally familiar with my armament size and comfort, plus the extra cash, which I cannot justify 20 years ago? Maybe.
-Cargo pants
-SOE edc belt
-Emerson Super CQC-7
-Streamlight Strion rechargeable (for defense)
-Streamlight stylus (every day tasks)
-TK4 tourniquet, latex gloves, quick clot and israel bandage all duct taped together and kept in a cargo pocket.
-Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 compact in a kydex holster with 2 spare mags in a kydex holster.
- samsung S8 active
- bic lighter


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This is my EDC for work. Can’t take a pic of my duty gun since it gets left in the armory at work, but it’s a Glock 17 Gen3. But I carry two sets of S&W M300 cuffs, 21” ASP, Sabre Red Foam, NAR CAT Gen7, LAG TQ pouch.

They make us use the Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 holsters and the worlds worst covered mag pouches (even the training dept even hates but the lawyers and top brass like them).

I’ve recently switched where the spray and baton are, which works a bit better.

Since my outside of work carry is different, it’s usually a 17Gen4 or 19Gen4 or 42 or M&P9 or 442 and spare mag (where applicable). Usually riding in an old Praetor Defense (manufactured by Bladetech) OWB holster and Bladetech mag pouch.

I usually carry a Fenix PD35 light and a Benchmade Griptillian (sp?) or some half way decent Kershaw folder I picked up awhile back outside of work as well. The Kershaw usually comes to work with me because I would be pissed if I lost the Benchmade in a fight.


If most are carrying a phone, why wear a watch? Just curious. In place of a watch I do wear an MIA bracelet, since Dec. 1971. Col. Dean Pogreba. Shot down on 10-5-65. Look him up. Very interesting read.


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I can’t always pull my phone out at work. If something happens and we have to annotate what time a specific incident happens, it’s far easier and efficient for me to look at my watch when writing things down then trying to have someone else look up footage and read me the time stamp.

Also, I’ve grown to like wearing a watch. I guess I’ve just trained myself to?


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If most are carrying a phone, why wear a watch? Just curious. In place of a watch I do wear an MIA bracelet, since Dec. 1971. Col. Dean Pogreba. Shot down on 10-5-65. Look him up. Very interesting read.
Some people do, or have worked, in occupations where knowing and recording the time is important without using a phone. If this has been done for many years, it can just become habit. A lot if the time first responders will also wear watches. I remember going to an Oct 1 benefit concert and seeing more watch wearers than the last 5 years combined. There are even some flight attendants who look for people wearing work (non-fancy/expensive) watches, to scope out people that may be useful if trouble happens......
And then again......some people just like the Shiny...
Back when I use to work in the air freight industry I needed to know the time in various zones, so I wore a Timex digital one all the time. That was pre smart phone days but it would be easier just to glance at your wrist as often as I needed the time than to get a phone out over and over.

Haven't worn a watch in the last 20 years though. They feel so weird on my wrist now.