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Making a dagger.


Obsessed Member
Here's a dagger that is on it's way to being completed. I have a bunch of knives about to be finished in O1 and want to get them all to the same stage so I can heat treat them all at one time. Here's a dagger I'm trying to get caught up on.

In order to make dagger symmetrical you do your best with pen and paper when you design it. If you have a computer program that can mirror image the design for you it will do the hard part for you. I really wish I had that program. So I do it the old fashioned way and use pen and paper.

I will lay the blank on a sheet of paper and trace the outline. Then I flip it over and trace it again right on top of the old tracing. This will tell me where I need to grind to get it as symmetrical as I can.

Here's the rough blank.

the first tracing.

The flip side.

This shows me on the tip how much more on one side I need to grind. Barely the thickness of the pencil lead on the paper.

After a few try's I got the blade worked out pretty good, and tomorrow hopefully the handle.