M1A Standard Conversion to Scout Squad - Thoughts?


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The gift situation wasn’t anything super sentimental. When I graduated my parents wanted to give me something nice that I wanted. The m1a was a couple hundred more than the watch they bought my sister. They wrote me a check for most of it then I covered like 20% of the cost from my own pocket. But it’s literally the only firearm type thing my family has ever given me, and I’ve shot it with Dad. I dunno.
Based on what you wrote there, I would keep it for the sentimental reasons. I am the same way in that if it doesn't have a purpose or an enjoyment factor, it gets sold but something like that I would keep because of the circumstances under which you got it. With that said, I would remove that scope and go with irons only; and if doing the conversion, definitely use SA as I'm guessing it will get done right and no warranty implications. Just my 2 penneth.


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So basically what you are saying is that direct gas impingement is an improvement?
YES! DGI is a vast improvement in generating NEW BUSINESS in the way of additional parts sales (for repairs or upgrades to increase reliability) gunsmithing labor costs, lubricants, cleaning supplies, etc.
And of course these also generated increased revenue in things that add to the "NEW" technology's TACTICOOL factor....hand guards, sight rails, optics, fore grips, you get the picture. Some are actually useful, others are just someone's idea genned up to make them money, nothing wrong with that though.

Kinda like who makes and sells File Cards (the hard steel brushes sold to clean the pinnings or chips out of the teeth on a metal file)………….why, it's the companies that make metal files of course! Why? Because the bristles on the File Card are harder than the file teeth, and while they do clean out the pinnings (there is a better way that won't dull the file by the way) they also wear down and dull the file, resulting in what...………..INCREASED FILE SALES!
Don't believe me? Ask TexasJackKin or Earthquake or any other machinist about file cards.

Think of the DGI system as being like your car's engine,,,,,,,,,,,except without the air filter. How long does an engine last without an air filter when it is sucking in dirt along with the outside air. You need to change the oil and filter far more often, and the piston rings and cylinder walls get worn and scored far faster without the air filter.
Do the car manufacturers make and sell air filters? No, they missed the boat on that one, had to build in obsolescence in other ways, but the file manufacturers didn't miss that trick.

The DGI guns don't have a filter, so that hot gas and carbon and unburnt powder get into the action, wear on the bolt, the bolt locking lugs, etc.
A gas piston gun, long stroke or short stroke, gets the hot gas and crud on the piston, and vents it (once it has done it's work) back into the barrel or into the outside atmosphere, where it may get the outside of the gun dirty, but it won't contribute to an increased need for cleaning and maintenance replacement of parts.

DGI ain't new, the system was invented back in 1901, Long before Gene Stoner was born, but the long stroke gas piston system is even older, going back to 1884, and our buddy Hiram Maxim invented a version of it in that year, although some folks say a gent by the name of Karel Krnka did it first in 1883.

John Browning patented a gas flapper / gas trap system , a version of the gas trap was used on the first M1 Garands before they switched to the long stroke piston method of operation.

Like I said, ain't none of it new!


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It’s a dam dinosaur, sheeesh so much drivel over what was never a great gun. That being said there’s something about becoming one with an M1A, if you haven’t done it you’ll never understand that feeling of being one with your wood and steel rifle on what you could look back on as magical moments. Ya know when it all comes together.