Look what I got in the mail today

Solid Aluminum Loading Blocks built to my specifications. I been begging RCBS to make their loading blocks like they used to, with 80 holes instead of 50 like they do now. But no dice. Anyway someone turned me on to this place on a FaceBook Reloading Group. They normally have 50 and 100 hole blocks in any caliber you want. So I asked them if they would make 80 hole blocks in .40 and 9mm. And this is finished product. Pretty sweet huh?

4260633A-7BC7-40DB-8C44-A4F9383B4033.jpeg 4260633A-7BC7-40DB-8C44-A4F9383B4033.jpeg
Well I reload with a single stage press. If you only have 50 holes you remove a shell, put it in the press, do some process on it, then remove it from the press, place it back in the block in the only empty hole, and then grab the next one. If your doing a process that doesn’t show a big difference like resizing, or expanding you might get confused as where you are when you go to grab the next shell. But if you have a couple of extra rows you place the processed shell into a new row. You could do the same with 60 or 70 holes but 80 seems to give you lots of room between the processed and the yet to be processed shells.
To me it’s so much easier with 80 holes as compared to 50 holes.


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i made something similar but, it was a lot of work. it was fun to do but, to line it all up correctly was frustrating. glad you got what you needed!