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Local place for random small parts?


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Ventura Munitions, Valley View and Russell.

2nd Amendment Guns, near Craig and Rancho.

New Frontier Armory, near E. Centennial Parkway and Goldfield St.
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Thank you all for pointing this place out. I'm kind of a cheap a-hole who is not a fan of gun stores... but this place was the rare exception. Staff knew exactly what I needed in within five words, their prices are super reasonable, and I kept thinking of stuff I did not think they would have... but yet they did. It was like brownells.com, but in person.

"Do you have a lower parts kits without the fire control group?" "yes, how many do you want."
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I second New Frontier. Since they have the full gunsmithing in store, they tend to have all the little random parts...even if they have to grab you a couple from the back.