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Lever Action 30-30, Change my mind...


Mathew 5:9
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I never had a lever action before but I wanted to have one for the longest time and after saving a few bucks, I think it’s time to own one. I had my eyes set on a pre-1960 Marlin 30-30 and I don’t know how much this rifle is really worth. I saw a couple of reviews stating to go with a Henry rifle, but that’s going to be an additional $300 bucks... is it really worth waiting and buying a henry lever action? Seller is a very nice guy and very sincere but this 40 year old rifle really worth $450 bucks? Superficial condition seems to show very little wear and tear...

Anyone out there with experience on this Marlin pre-1960 rifle please chime in as I have no clue about the reliability of this lever action rifle and how much its worth. What should I look out for when inspecting this rifle besides from the sight alignment, bore, action and trigger check?

Any opinion and advise are always WELCOME positive or negative.

Thanks ALL for the help!








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Which model is it?
But overall if it is something for you to keep and shoot. Yes $450 is fine, though on the higher side. Could attempt to pinch a few bucks off...
But if you want to spend more, look for a pre 64 Winchester.


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Not sure about that rifle, but wholeheartedly agree with getting a Lever Action .30-.30, my Winchester model 94 is my favorite gun to shoot.

Hope to see a thread from you showing off your new-to-you .30-.30 soon!


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I have two Marlin 336 models from the early 80's. They are stone reliable 30-30 rifles. I have always held that a lever action 30-30 is one of those rifles that definitely needs to be in a SHTF collection. The 30-30 is such an iconic caliber, you can find it in almost any sporting goods, general store, and probably on every ranch in the west.
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You are on the right track. Older JM stamped Marlin 336 rifles are the way to go. You sure don't need to go pre 1960 though.
I picked one up on gunbroker with a 1975 manufacturer date. Great rifle.
Marlin makes a fine lever gun and I do prefer them over the Win 94's. $450 sounds steep to me. I am betting you could hit the pawnshops around Boise,ID and save quite a bit of money. Also, look online for gun shops back East. The lever gun market is much bigger in whitetail country and therefore cheaper on the used market.
Oh ya, you really need to consider the .35 Remington in a Marlin lever.

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A little tidbit about the 30-30...

That is the rifle used by the firing squad in Utah (the 3 executions they've done via that method since 1977 anyway and may be bringing back with all the crying over lethal injection) and they use off the shelf Winchester Silvertips.
Yup, I will take Marlins over Winchesters and prefer the 35Rem over the 30-30. I would be waiting for one in good shape for around $350. Not really a market for them until you get up into Idaho's panhandle.


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This past weekend I picked up a 1906 Win 94, so that is my third 94 (2 30-30, one 44mag). Had a newer 336 for a bit, but pawned it off on Titan :ROFLMAO:
Have any of you seen the Henry 30/30 with side gate loader? It still has the Henry tube so you can remove all the rounds easily and safely. I just saw the video on YouTube yesterday. I do have a Marlin 336 with a bid loop lever that I added. I have a Henry 44 mag carbine with a big loop lever and I also have a Henry 45-70 with big loop lever. That would be an option that I would have to add on Henry Side Gate loader 30/30.
Call me crazy, I just bought a Henry Side gate loader 38-55 from Buds because of the added knock down power. Another Henry to add to my collection.
Another reason I went for the 38-55 it was a little cheaper than the 30-30 side gate loader and for the added knock down power. Now to get a scope or I already have a Vortex with a Green or Red dot laser that I got for a great sale price.