LasVegas Rifle Training

What would you all consider to be the best rifle training you have taken in the Las Vegas area? I am looking to start taking classes but have not been able to find anything that looks promising so I wanted some imput from you guys!


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I have taken multiple classes from chuck Burnett who owns invictus training. When I say multiple I mean 2 or 3 handgun classes, at least two rifle classes, and a shooting in/around/from vehicles. He is an excellent instructor that I always leaned something from.

Also if you get together a group of people he will likely put on a class for you. (At least he’s done it for me in the past)

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My suggestion would be to buy a membership at Front Sight and go get a good base of weapon handling/manipulation for a cheap price. Take the practical rifle class until you're proficient. With a membership, you can go as many times as you want. Once you are where you want to be, then consider further training with guys like Chuck @ Invictus. I've done both and working with Chuck (and I'm sure others) once you have the basics down makes things go much more smoothly and you get get into some cool stuff way quicker.