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Las Vegas Shooting Center - Customer Appreciation Day 10/19/2019

Does your range allow reloads? If not, no thanks. My gun is tuned for a specific load and if I have to use other ammo, it's just a waste of money.
Our standard range fee is $15.00 for two hours. We recognize our local shooters every Sunday with a special range fee of $7.50. For shooters bringing in their own firearms to shoot we only allow standard handgun calibers.

Thank you for your inquiry. Hope to see you soon.

stopped by to check out the range. Nice facility....clean showroom...lanes are well lit with good ventilation...will def shoot there again
Thank you for stopping in, it was nice meeting you. We're so glad you enjoyed yourself, we appreciate you stopping in today and look forward to seeing you more in the future.

I stopped by for a bit after I finished my other events today. Nice roomy showroom and the range looked really nice. Mike and his staff were all very friendly and helpful. It was fairly easy to get in and out of the area.


Stopped in today after work for a few hours with 5 co-workers. Nice friendly place , clean range , RO's were cool as can be.

We plan to make this at least a monthly get together, maybe twice a month.
Mike..... if I were to place my range bag down by my feet in order to keep my brass from rolling forward in front of shooting line/counter, can I recover my brass? I shoot .38 Super and if I can't recover my brass, it'll just be too expensive to shoot at your range......asking cos some range's policy is if the brass hits the floor, it's theirs. Thanks.