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ISO BBD - Big, Bright Dot

My Vortex Viper 6MOA isn't really cutting it for Steel Challenge anymore and I'm looking to upgrade to something that's big and bright but also very light. Do you guys have any recommendations for a micro dot that won't get washed out in bright sunlight against white plates? Even on the brightest setting, the dot on the Viper is tough to see, and size-wise it could stand to be bigger. This is going on my 10/22 "economy" build for RFRO so I'm looking for cheap but reliable.


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Do they make these types of sights with a green dot? I wonder if that might be better? I'm in the same boat as you. I've got a Burris FastFire III on my carbine, but need to experiment.
Yeah I think we might need to go with the cheap red/green dots from China that eat batteries. One of the other guys at the match had a Barska that was super big and bright compared to the Viper, but a little larger than I'd want on my gun. The other option is getting a super expensive Trijicon Fiber Optic Micro Dot which should be super bright in the light but that's like $500+.
The only thing better than a BBD? Two BBDs.

Figured the best way to compare apples to apples was to run them both simultaneously on the same gun to decide which dot is brighter/faster given the same gun weight. The PA Micro is twice as heavy as the Viper, but seems maybe 20% brighter in my indoor testing.



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Settled on a Holosun HS407C. I really like the eotech-style reticle which seems particularly fast to acquire on my RFPO pistol.
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I'm running the 8 MOA Burris on my RFRO. I think vortex0178 meant RFPO, if it's a pistol.

I use a quick-release lever mount, and can shoot in both RFRO and RFRI back-to-back with a fresh magazine ready.


I have the RMR04 7MOA on my S&W 929 for ICORE , thought I would hate the big dot , turns out I love it. Will swap out to a Holosun eventually , since the RMR04 doesnt have a battery backup.