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Time for another one!

And there is a new wrinkle starting this month, a new division called True Carry. Here are the rules.

True Carry

1.) IWB holsters are mandatory
2.) Extra mag must be carried in a pocket (mag caddies are not allowed)
3.) Division capacity is 15 + 1
4.) Gun must have a barrel length of at least 3.75"
5.) Weapon mounted lights, lasers, and red dot optics ARE permitted
6.) Cover garment must include a normal t-shirt and or button up shirt that is fully buttoned
7.) Jackets and vests are allowed but a t-shirt and or buttoned up shirt must be worn underneath as well as stated in rule # 6
8.) Appendix IWB carry IS allowed (please note this type of carry and draw will be at your own risk. Please be safe and do not rush your draw stroke)
9.) Only one extra mag will be permitted
10.) No overly large magwells will be permitted (please be honest and be a good sport you really carry a gun IWB everyday with a magwell big enough to fit an AR mag inside?)
11.) ESP gun enhancement rules rules apply here
12.) .380, 9mm, 38 Special, 40 and 45 are all allowed
13.) If you are shooting a 45 1911 (or other single stack large caliber) with a mag capacity of only 8 you may carry 2 extra mags

True Carry Bug

1.) All of the above normal True Carry rules apply aside from gun size and division capacity
2.) Division capacity is 9+1 (if your True Carry Bug mags hold less than 9 rounds then you can load to whatever the max is for your mags)
3.) Gun must have a barrel length of 3.74" or less
4.) 2 extra mags will be permitted
5.) Revolvers may shoot in True Carry Bug


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I guess you could call it an "outlaw" division although technically it might fall under SPD. Angelo is just trying to give some of the CCW guys a more level playing field? If everything pans out I hope to shoot this and ESP with my G19 from IWB. We will see how that work out but it will be good live fire practice.

There are still openings Mac. I'll even cover your entry, how's that sound? :)


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Entry fee isn't my issue. The match is on my list if I can make it. Now, if you want to rewire a garage for me while I shoot the match, we'll talk! :LOL:

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for "outlaw" divisions. I just was curious as to which it was. I carry every day, and even when concealed, it's never IWB, so I don't qualify anyway.

I think it's an available match to me in the summer, when another match I try to make (but haven't in six months anyway) is on hiatus.


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OK, no problem here! Just trying to get you there since you keep showing interest! LOL! And yes, there are a couple of rules I disagree with but they are trying to appeal to the masses and since a belt holster can start getting into "gamer" gear like it is now in the legal divisions I can see the point. I don't like the pocket carry requirement as I carry my spare mag on my belt but after seeing the survey results I was shocked at the number of people that don't even carry a spare mag! :eek:

Hope to see you out there soon!
Match results....

What were the general impressions about the new divisions? How many shooters used AIWB?
Well, I liked it but my opinion may be biased. :) I shot IWB at 3:30 with a G19. One thing I discovered is I hate reloading from a pocket. My EDC puts my spare mag on my belt so it was very unnatural for me especially since I also shot ESP from this same setup just with the standard 10 round loading. It took some thinking to keep the round counts right and remember my reloading points and I still messed up a couple with both divisions. Looking at the results there were 5 in True Carry and 3 in True Carry BUG. I think there were 2 or 3 AIWB total between the 2 divisions. It's cool and was good practice for my EDC setup but I don't think I will shoot it on a regular basis.
As for my day, other than winning the inaugural TC opener I pretty much sucked. I think this was my worst ESP performance since moving to Vegas! :( If it was a non-threat or hardcover I think I hit it and managed to pickup a couple of procedurals along the way too! LOL! TC was fun and the way the stages were laid out I think you only had to reload on 2 of them if you managed your shots correctly. Oh well, it will be better next time! I hope! :ROFLMAO: