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I was impressed by your post over at WT

I was impressed by your post over at WT with your knowledge of steel blade metallurgy. I am looking for working blades. If you ever get around to making a working machete. It must hold a sharp keen edge and be able to standup to heavy work. Should be about 20 inches in the blade and of sufficient weight/thickness to go through small limbs, let me know because I will be in line for one.
I would like a good bush hook ax blade that also holds a keen edge even when hitting the ground.
Kitchen knives have some interest. Maybe reworked utility tools of high quality that have a few of your blades inserted into it. To me sharp edged instruments are working tools and not to be fancy for ooh's and ah's.
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Yes sir. Will do. Right now I'm about 4 to 6 weeks behind on everything and working a night job to catch up on bills. After that a new batch and work in progress thread will be posted. It will help me get caught up on the orders from here as well. Unlike the last batch on here I decided to finish the batch first before showing how they were made so when the new thread comes out the knives will be available immediately. Take care.