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I only have one handgun but it's all I need, at least for now

I have way too many hobbies to fund so I don't spend more on one of them than I have to.

Took this pic just after polishing the bluing off the barrel, (got a wild hair one day and decided I didn't like the all black look.)

Walther PPQ M2.....and lots of hollow points for self defense. Right after I bought it they came out with the PPQ .45 version, but 9mm is fine.

I bought it after everyone raved about the "smoothest trigger ever." Even Hickok45 mentions it.



LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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You polished your barrel on a self-defense weapon? The prosecutors are gonna love you! Ha ha ha.

That looks very nice, actually. Those are very comfortable pistols that shoot very well.
If all you have is one gun, but you are very proficient with it, you'll be ahead of those of us with a dozen but who lack the proficiency.
Only one HANDGUN. I do have a 12 ga shotgun that I bought from Walmart at the height of the gun ban scare some 5 years ago.

You couldn't find one anywhere, but Walmart had an email notification which I signed up for. When I got the email some 3 weeks later I ran down to the store and almost had to call the manager because the sales clerk refused to even look for it, (he was planning to hold it for someone else). He reluctantly went to the back and I caught him on his cellphone peeking out to see if I was still there. After some 15 minutes he finally came out with it, grumbling the whole time. I got the feeling he was planning to get some extra cash for holding it for someone else.
Should definitely pickup a backup pistol, walther creed is ridiculously affordable, and should be very familiar to you. You can find them well under $300 if you shop around.

That's a nice pistol you have there, but I'd be worried about the ported slide, and getting sand or dirt in it, and how it affect function.