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How much is my gun worth?

l am thinking about selling a G34 gen 4, with Dawson sights, tungsten guide rod, zev full fulcrum trigger, blade tech holster, competition hanger, also a G35 gen. 3 complete OEM upper. How much would a fair asking price be? As a package deal or separate upper deal. used the gun for 1 season of steel challeng, so it has some holster wear.
Wow, nice one you have there. It all depends on what someone is willing to pay for it really. Look up current prices new and then go from there. With a few goodies added on plus some extras. Taking into account you will have to meet somewhere to comply with the newest laws, all you can do is ask a reasonable price based on your components and what you are willing to part with it for. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is a start.


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For the gun only a New Glock 34 Gen 4 is $596 +T/BC
Lowest I could find ordering from Davidson's Gallery of Guns here locally.
I'd consider starting at 500 depending on condition / Round count.
Figuring in the cost of the other stuff based on 75% of cost maybe.


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Add-ons typically don't give much of a return on your investment - as least not as much as the gun itself will. I usually find that the upgrades will make it easier to sell, but won't add much to the price. Buyers will always be comparing your asking price to the price of a brand new gun, and will hesitate to lay out the cash if your package price is over what they could get a factory-new gun for.

That said, Gunbroker and a bunch of really good pics is the way to go!