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How does one order a knife from you?


Obsessed Member
Definitely interested.
Until the shop is up and running and all outstanding orders are completed I will not be taking any orders. Their is no way to timely complete orders and that will just make everyone angry. No point in doing that with anyone.

Here is the new shop for now.

lots of parking. Lots of open area so I don't have to worry so much about burning down the neighborhood.

Lots of open area and just like the old shop I have to build this one out.

Most of the stuff has already been moved in. I have one more trip to make to get everything out of storage.

Once that is done I can finish the electrical, finish outstanding orders, all while working on knives for a new tv show that combines bladesports international with reality tv. Yeah it's going to suck but at least I'm just having my knives in it, and not being on it.

I'm not at my house so theirs a lot more I simply can't show you from where I'm at. Lots of irons in the fire. Very little time. So I will have a official report of what's going on this weekend.