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Holsters for a full size sig 1911

Hi guys,

I've been searching online for a good quality holster for my full size sig sauer 1911 nightmare fastback (long title right?). It has the SIGnature squared slide that most sig 1911s have and I'm having a hard time finding a holster for it. I'm primarily looking for something to carry during the winter like a leather belt holster maybe even a shoulder holster, I would also be interested in one for the range like a Vegatek or some kind of low ride holster with a thumb break.

Thanks for checking this thread out! Any and all responses is greatly appreciated!




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Nice Sig!
Ric @ DesertWaveLeather is a local guy that does excellent leatherwork and recently made a leather belt holster for my 1911 in the style and color of my choosing at a very competitive price. I am VERY happy with the results


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I like Desantis Holsters, stuff enough to not be doing around after a while.
I also like Frontline Holsters which is what I currently use for a Commander length 1911. I did have to get the retention strap modified for it to work properly