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Hey Trident Defense...get effed you a**hat


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FYI, ammo prices are increasing, gun prices are increasing, everything that is in high demand will see increases in prices. If he wants to charge those prices it is his decision. If someone wants to buy at those prices that is their decision. It is called a free market and supply and demand economics will balance it out.

You guys talk about freedom, well this is also freedom. Freedom to decide what you want to do with YOUR property and to decide how much you are willing to pay for items.


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There is also the freedom to rant. But I agree with the following:
[QUOTEYou guys talk about freedom, well this is also freedom. Freedom to decide what you want to do with YOUR property and to decide how much you are willing to pay for items.[/QUOTE]


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Obviously in a free market, people are free to charge what they want and nobody is saying otherwise at this point. The point is, that doesn't mean they aren't monumental douchebags for trying to profiteer from a situation and shouldn't be called out with that other freedom.
I read and I know MANY MANY people that said they will never be in the situation again to buy pmags for $25-30. When the price came down to $8-10 people bought up MANY. If someone didn't and the price due to limited supply and high demand offers only $30 pmags then people have the PERSONAL decision to buy one or not.

Just because someone invest THEIR OWN money to stock away ammo, mags, etc and if others did not, then it is not profiteering it is making an investment for the future.

If you do not like the price don't buy it, if you do not need the item than all you are doing is ranting for no reason (which you have the right to do). I'm ranting not believing the complaints.

If people can find a better price than this person will not sell anything. The market will determine the right price AT THE TIME.

If the market price comes to $30 I will be happy to sell off about 10 Pmags at that price, as I have more than enough but than again I bought them at about $8 or maybe less.


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PSA is selling them for just over $12 each and free shipping for 5+. Yes, hopefully we do not not see the crazy spike of prices and no inventory we did after Sandy Hook.


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Free market eh? That guy in TN thought the same thing when he bought up thousands of containers of hand cleaner and tried to price gouge. Having said that, price gouging laws don't pertain to just hand cleaner.


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I don’t remember where I said anything about legality or how we shouldn’t have a free market.

I think this is one of those “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” type of situations.

Just because it’s “legal doesn’t make it “right”. I can’t believe I actually have to explain that to people. Actually...no I’m not.


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It was going to happen with nov comming up anyway. Prices will continue to skyrocket till the election no matter what happens.

Anyone into the ar15 should be sitting on a pile of pmags from last 3 years prices, haha


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I am of the idea of I have bought a lot an don’t want to get rid of any thing I bought when the price was low an it’s hard for me to let anything go lol