Help with a little wood work...

I am looking to refinish a fore stock and a butt stock for a rifle of mine. I am totally ignorant of doing any of this. I bought the finest grain sandpaper to remove previous stain (not original) and would like to know what would be the next step. It was suggested to me to use some linseed oil to prevent wood from completely drying out. Would then like to stain it and then suggestions needed as... to seal or not to seal?
In the last millennium, I had a Springfield Model 10 or 15? .22 LR single shot that had been through the ringer. I sanded it down and just sealed it with a clear lacquer? Worked fine for shooting...was not interested in looks. Unfortunately, stored it wrapped in a blanket in attic to prevent growing son from playing with it and due to the hot summer days, when I finally did get it down, it just decomposed.
So anyways, any suggestions from knowledgeable people about the wood would be gratefully appreciated.


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I really like using Tru Oil to do finishing/refinishing. I have found it to be pretty easy and forgiving, and if you are not in a hurry. produces a great project. There are some great Youtube videos to watch and learn from. Here's a pic of current Tru oil projects,,
Thanks, any particular stores I can get it at? Was having probs finding linseed oil. Found the youtube vids, so thanks again!!!
A year or so I saw it on the shelf at Bass Pro Shop. Try it and as you get better in applying it add a 'rotten stone' step to the procedure for a slight matte finish.


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Wal Mart carries Tru Oil® and any decent gun shop, or Sportsmans Warehouse will have it too, it's a staple in the industry.

IF you want the finest shine on the gun, after the finish is applied, use a bit of PUMICE on a felt pat moistened with mineral oil to rub the stock down, then wipe it clean, and do it again with another felt pad and mineral oil and ROTTENSTONE. The Rottenstone is finer than the pumice so it should be used last.