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Help! Colt Commander 1911 - 1974 mfg

Hey Forum - Was hoping to get some feedback from those of you who might be familiar with this piece. I received it from a friend and know little about it besides it was manufactured in 1974. Needs an obvious deep clean and has some finish issues but otherwise shoots well with no malfunctions. No rust, chips or deep scratching. Estimate on value as is? Thanks!

colt 1.jpg

colt 2.jpg

colt 3.jpg

colt 4.jpg

colt 5.jpg

colt 6.jpg


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Gunbroker has a few, nothing has sold recently.

Asking price in very good condition 1971 commander, with a very nice box, $2k. But that's asking price. I think $1500 to $1700 is max in great condition.

From the pic you posted, I'd say yours is worth $1200.

Do you have the original safety still? How about the original grips?

But I am sure others will more knowledge than me will chime in.


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The problem with this piece is that it isn't original. The sights have been changed and extensive work was done to change them. It great that you still have the box, but the pistol has been changed so much that it has lost much of it's collector value. You are realistically looking at a $600-$700 pistol. IMHO of course. You still have a great shooting pistol!


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With all those changes it's value is really nothing. Just send it to me for disposal please.

Seriously, shoot and enjoy it. I need someone to give me a 1911