Has anyone used Surefire 60 round magazine


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My Daughter in law bought my son a surefire 60 round magazine instead of the Magpul drum magazine. The seller said the drum mag has a lot more problems than a the Magazine. He just got it and hasn't had a chance to try it out. Anyone use one yet?


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i bought some a few years back. Ihad problems with one of them jamming contacted surefire they had me send it back it came back working fine.I usually only load 58 or 59 rounds they also told me some people were having problems with steel cases i never use them in mine


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The reports I read about (all over, can't remember where right now) were very hit-or-miss with the Surefire coffin mags. I read good reviews on the Magpul drum, and that's the one I bought. It's never failed for me, but I must admit except for one stage at Hard As Hell Multigun, it's not really practical. Very rare to need to fire that much without a lull in the action that lets you change mags anyway.

That said, mine works great. As a general rule, I'd rather have a stick mag (incl. coffin) than a drum, just for keeping the gun's width down.


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I picked up a pair quite a long time ago on some stupidly good sale are armsunlimited (like 2 for the price of what one costs nowadays). I've only tried one of the pair, but it has been very reliable with no issues in the time I've had it. Never used the 2nd one so that one could be a dog :)