Had my first misfire with a Winchester 9mm bulk round today. Is that common?


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I've been firing Federal target rounds mostly, but I found a 500rd box of Winchester at Bass Pro for $119, it seemed like a decent deal and I can always use another ammo can, so I bought it.

It's all gone bang until today, when I pulled the trigger and got nothing. I ejected the round and sure enough it had been struck but did not fire. Just wondering about others' experiences with that ammo.


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It happens...
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BTW, that price is about $11.90 per 50 round box... Not really a bargain
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Winchester white box and federal are pretty much lowest rung on the quality ladder, IMO.

Check out a couple of online sellers for better ammo at well under $200 per 1000, shipped.

SGAmmo.com is my go-to. Cheap shipping because coming from Oklahoma (a lot of the big outfits are back east so shipping is expensive)


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I pulled my springer EMP out of the safe, went to range and 1 out of 5, click no boom. Light primer strikes. Tried several kinds of 9mm, all the same. Called Springfield customer service. Last Friday they emailed me an RMA, I shipped out fedex. Today, I got it back. They replaced ejector pin, and firing pin. Recut and polished feed ramp. I have not test fired it yet. The customer service from SPRINGFIELD is OUTSTANDING. Cost of repair $0.00

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I've encountered two "squibs" while shooting. One from a reload (no powder - probably a short pull on the reloader, entered the chamber and blocked the next round from feeding), and one from factory ammo (light load, stuck midway down the barrel). The really eerie thing was that they happened on two consecutive range days.

In both cases, I was doing slow, target fire, and was able to notice the problem before pulling the trigger again.
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Only had one squib. Late uncle's reloads. Again, luckily it was slow fire, because it was a revolver, and unless it gets stuck in the forcing cone, the gun won't malf. This one went 5.5" down a 6" barrel. Nickel-plated Colt Python, too.


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Just ordered a case of Magtech 9mm shipped for $179 shipped from Brownells, then they applied a $15 coupon making the sale $164.

Thats $8.20 per 50 shipped.


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My GF and I shot some 9mm Winchester white box at a Frontsight four day last year. I did get a couple FTFs out of 1200 rds fired thru a G19 and Canik v2. I am not sure I ever actually tried them again or just knocked them apart and reloaded the cases so no forensics on the rounds. So I can corroborate some failures from that ammo.