Greetings from Sparks..

Just wanted to say greetings to you all. I was behind enemy lines (California) for 53 years. Glad to be gone before Gavin (wife stealing) Newsome takes over California. I'm looking forward to excising greater freedom of my 2nd A rights denied me for so many years. So long bullet button. Can't say I'll miss ya!


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Welcome. My wife and I are close to you in Golden Valley.. Been here for several months. Love it. A totally different life style the the SF Bay Area.


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Sadly, you might have arrived just in time for a Nevada AWB to get passed early 2019. Welcome to my neck of the woods regadless.


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Welcome to a great group of like minded folks! We're a little south of you in Dayton, it's nice to see folks from Northern Nevada joining up!


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Yes a little too late to the game moving here for 2A rights. My advice, trek on up to Idaho or over to Utah! (y)