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Great FFL/Transfer Experience!


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I just wanted to say thanks for a great transfer experience yesterday. I had ordered an M&P from Brownells, and wanted to try NFA for the transfer due to the recommendations on this site. I have been on both sides of the counter for transfers in years past, and have seen how they can go sideways sometimes. The transfer at NFA was a good one, right down the line.

Things that stood out about the experience:

1. It was great to be able to fill out the required prelim info online and get an email response the next day. This makes setting up things simple and efficient as possible.

2. Delivery notification call from NFA was around the same time I got the drop off notification from shipper.

3. Nothing like a Duece &1/2 in the parking lot to tell someone ( new to the area) that they are in the right place, especially when avoiding people in traffic.

4. Getting a sincere welcome when you come in the door, especially for the first time in a new store. One of the worst things (for me at least) is to walk in to a new place and be ignored, or even worse made to feel belittled or my presence in their was inconveniencing them. I got a great greeting and "how can I help you" before the door closed at NFA, which is the way it used to be.

5. Quickly finding the transfer in the back. Once the preliminary conversation has started at the counter, it's on to the next criteria; can my stuff be found relatively quickly? Once again, it was a very short wait....a good sign.

6. Administration of the 4473 and transfer process. The "i"'s need to be dotted, and the "T"'s need to be crossed and verified, hopefully in an efficient manor, in which they were at NFA. The verification process is also a good opportunity to look at the store inventory, and to give a listen to the conversations in the store, and the advice given to customers by the staff (and also the way it is given). All seemed to be good at NFA.

6a. Making sure I was being taken care of. While in the store, I was asked by no less than 3 different people if I was being helped or taken care of. Nothing beats good old fashioned customer service.

7. $25, and tax collected seems very reasonable for a good transfer these days. I still long for the $5 out the door transfers of years past, when yellow sheets used to be yellow, but with other stores in LV charging double (or even more) for a transfer, $25 for a good transfer and customer service is worth the money.

All and all, a great experience, and I will be back to support a good local business.


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Thanks Jim, I really appreciate the feedback and will pass it on.

When you have 5 free minutes we would love it if you could leave a review for us on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

Unfortunately, most people that have great experiences don't leave reviews, so the public can get the wrong idea from some customers that had a misunderstanding or are off their rockers a bit!

Thanks again for your business!


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I live 30 miles from their store, but will still have my transfers sent there and buy some ammo or mags to go along with it.

I've sent a transfer to a store closer to me and they never called saying it was in. And when I was there they had problems finding it too.


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Another good transfer experience.

Another good transfer experience. This one was from a different dealer, but the transfer went great once again ( like it is supposed to), at NFA.
Thanks again!
Been to New Frontier Armory a couple of times.

Nice store, big enough to spend a few minutes browsing, staff was very friendly.

I would probably use them for transfers too if they weren't on the other end of town from where I work, and where I live. I can only make it there before closing on Saturdays, and if I have a transfer arriving on a Monday, not about to wait 5 days, lol.

Used to use Big Gun Enterprises in Henderson, but when picking up 2 transfers on the same day, they charged me double - I don't think that is the norm, as I've picked up 2 guns at a couple of other stores, and as long as it was on the same store visit, was only charge once for the transfer fee - perhaps others could chime in on their experience here? The guy was also kind of a jerk when looking at the AK47 I was picking up, saying "Is that 922R compliant??" - he seemed to be trying out for a position at the BATF.

They lost my business for good. Hope it was worth an extra $25 for them.

I also ALWAYS, at a MINIMUM buy some ammo and mags in EVERY store that handles a transfer for me, as a good will gesture. Heck, I usually try to find something to buy anytime I visit a local store just to support a small business, as long as the staff is friendly.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, its much appreciated! Make sure to leave us a good review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook if you have the time, it helps us more than you think.
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I had a great outbound transfer as well but an order for a P320 didn't go well and I cancelled later because the order wasn't placed properly based on my convo with Chelsea and others. They were supposed to follow up with me never did.


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Another good transfer today.
It's been awhile since I was in NFA and I needed a 4473 Xfer.
Staff was friendly as ever. Lance was efficient and professional with paperwork.
Will be back for that Safariland G34 holster.