Glock Trigger Work

Get a light predictable trigger pull, without over travel, or the infamous “Glock bump.”

You get Ghost Inc’s. Newest 3.5 lbs. trigger connector, It even refines the triggers in older “worn” Glocks, which when the trigger is pressed the slide picks up before actuating the trigger system. This trigger will feel like a race gun, but have the reliability needed for self-defense. (The stock Glock striker spring is often retained for reliability)

  • Ghost Evo Elite 3.5 trigger bar.
  • Striker safety block spring. (Reduced power lightens trigger pull without compromising reliability.)
  • You pick your trigger weight, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 lbs. Or ?
  • Hand fit to eliminate over travel, and the Glock Bump.
Other Glock trigger packages available: also AR, XD, S&W Sigma, M&P ETC.

Ghost Evo Elite trigger kit above fitted and installed, $100 plus tax for parts.