General photographs you've taken.

Previous photos taken here are AWESOME! There are some great photos that are worthy to be entered in photo contests. National Geographic comes to mind. FYI: To improve my photo taking I began a challenge to come up with what I call a folder of my Alphabet pictures. I thought of what begins with the letter 'A', found something and took a picture. This project encourages you to always have your camera along with you, (not just your camera phone, although some cameras built into phones are pretty damn good ones!). I have almost completed my project and currently am thinking of something to photograph that starts with the letter 'W'. I am attaching a photo of the Pyramid out at Pyramid Lake, taken in August 1966, about a year after I got out of the AF and moved to Reno. As you can see, the water level was way down that year. It is all thanks to the Newlands Project, a project that diverted water away from the Truckee River by way of some uncovered canals (loss of water there) so that farmers could grow their famous Fallon Melons (which many local supermarkets do not even carry, preferring to import them from other states and countries. :( I hope those who post pictures in the future will tell us a little about their pictures as I have gone on about mine. Enjoy and Good Shootin'!