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Even the Vet office isn't safe anymore...

Pale Rider

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The need for drugs/money are some kind of driving force that people really don't think stuff out anymore.

I have frequented this office in the past (great staff) and there isn't much room to maneuver for cover, etc. based on my last visit. Glad no innocent person got hurt and the officer happened to be present and quickly intervene.


Off-duty Metro officer shoots while thwarting robbery; suspect arrested

The Metropolitan Police Department said a man armed with a black semi-automatic handgun tried to rob the West Flamingo Animal Hospital, 5445 W. Flamingo Road, about 2:30 p.m.

The off-duty officer, who was also armed, happened to be in the animal hospital’s lobby with his pet and tried to intervene, police said.



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Oh, an evil BLACK semi-auto handgun! Do you think if it was nickel plated, pink or sky blue they would report that as well or just say that he had a handgun?

Media articles crack me up sometimes. I wonder how many rounds he had in the "clip".......