Engraving Service in Las Vegas?

The last post I could find on this topic was from over 2 years ago. Does anybody know who performs engraving services for NFA items in Las Vegas (and what price)? Looking to get a couple lowers engraved. Thanks for your help!!!


Both options are good. I went with Tergus as both he and NFA were 30 miles one way from me , Tergus did it while I waited. I opted to pay more not to drive the 60 mile round trip again. ( time is money to me ). :)


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With Tergus, there really is NO down time. He takes your firearm into his "shop" while you wait or shoot the (poop) with his room mates. 15-20 minutes later (since I had multiple lowers) your all done and off you go!


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Call me cheap (I am on some things!), but I have 10 Form 1 silencers and SBRs and every one of them has the pertinent information engraved/etched on them the same way:
1. Get a Dremel vibratory engraver for about $25.00
2. Use your computer and printer to print out adhesive backed address labels with your necessary information (maker, model, caliber, serial number, address, etc.)
3. Practice your penmanship by affixing labels onto generic pieces of metal, trace the printed information and engrave away
4. When you are satisfied with your penmanship, affix printed address label in appropriate spot on the firearm
5. Trace the printed information with the vibratory engraver
6. Be sure to etch the characters to the requisite depth (.003 IIRC, but look it up). Not hard to do with a new stylus in the Dremel, even in stainless or Titanium. For Inconel I cannot speak.
7. Admire your workmanship (and thriftyness!)

Let's face it; any form 1 SBR or Silencer is yours for life, or at best, is of significantly less value to anyone else than it is to you. Unless you have a work of art there or a real collector's item (which would already be registered), nobody gives a hoot whether your "H" is symmetrical or if your "T" is canted slightly. Nobody ever looks at it but you.