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Dove Hunting: Ash Meadows

Has anyone done any hunting at Ash Meadows Preserve?

I have never been out there except to visit doing wildlife tourist stuff and wanted to figure out where it’s setup to hunt with tourists visiting and such.
They went to Steel shot only and they have gradually removed the best fields over the years. The desire to restore it to its "natural" state has removed a ton of the dove food. I was out there about 6 months ago and we were discussing open and closed areas. I didn't see any of the LE around to get better clarification. Went looking for one too, as we needed a tow strap to help a guy that rolled his truck.
I was thinking of going but didn’t get myself a reservation for the opener. Not sure if they loosen it up a few weeks later to just people showing up.
I’ll give it a try there


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Unless its changed you only need reservations for the opener after that its wide open at Overton until duck gets going.