WTS Dillon 550B, CV500 Tumbler, bullets - Lots o' Stuff LV **PRICE DROP**


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Las Vegas - I have a lot of Dillon stuff for sale as I won't be reloading anymore - too crippled up. There will be more as I find it - the wife had to do all the moving while I was dying in the hospital but I made it and will add stuff as I find it. Everything might be a bit dusty as I haven't used it in 3 or 4 years but it all works great.

Reloading Equipment:
Dillon 550B Machine with bullet tray, strong mounts and roller handle. Includes one caliber conversion, die set and quick change kit. **$550**
550B by itself $450.
Choice of .38/.357(sold), .45 auto(sold), .454 Casull or .40/10mm.
The other 2 die sets/conversion kit/quick change kits will be $175 ea.
Dillon CV500 Tumbler. Works great $75
Added - Dillon CV-500 Media Separator. $30

Bear Creek Moly Coated
.401 180gr approx. 700 SOLD
.452 200gr 500 $35
.452 230gr 500 $40
.452 300gr 250 $45
.44 240gr approx. 450 $35

Western Nevada Bullet
.38 125gr 250 $15
.452 230gr 500 $15

Berrys Bullets Plated
.38 158gr 1000 (4 boxes of 250) SOLD

As I find the rest of the stuff I will list it
550B3.jpg 10mm_401.jpg 45_acp.jpg 45_acp.jpg bullets1.jpg conv_kits1.jpg ! 550B1.jpg
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