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DGS | Ammo Available


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Updated 12/2/2021


Self Defense
380 Liberty Civil Defense 20RD Box $29.99
9mm Hornady 25RD Box (115gr, 124gr +p, 147gr) $29.99
10mm 20RD Box $34.99 (Federal 200gr)
357 Magnum 20RD Box $39.99 (Barnes VOR-TX 140gr or Winchester Silver Tip 145gr)
40SW Federal HST 20RD Box $29.99
45ACP Liberty Civil Defense 20RD Box $29.99
45 LC Remington HTP 50RD Box $62.99
12 GA 5RD 00 Buck 6.99

Range/Other (Brass_case unless otherwise noted)
22LR 50RD Box $8.99 (CCI Stinger)
22LR 300RD Box $29.99 (CCI Meateater 36gr Copper Plated HP)
22LR 300RD Box $29.99 (CCI AR Tactical 40gr Copper Plated Round Nose)
2LR 500RD Box $44.99 (CCI 40gr LRN Standard Velocity)
22LR 500RD Box $44.99 (Federal Champion 40gr)
22LR 500RD Box $74.99 (CCI Suppressor Subsonic 45gr HP)
22Mag 20RD Box $9.99 (Snake #12 Shot)
32ACP 50RD Box 25.99
380ACP 50RD Box $26.99
9mm 50RD Box $21.99 (115gr FMJ)
9mm 1000RD Case $399.99 (Federal 115gr, Fiocchi 115gr or Fiocchi 124gr)
38 Special 50RD Box $29.99
40SW 50RD Box $24.99
45ACP 50RD Box $29.99
.223 100RD $59.99 (Frontier 55gr)
.223 500RD Case $279.99 (Frontier 55gr)
5.7x28 50RD Box - $39.99
7.62x39 20RD Box $9.99 (Red Army Standard Steel)
300 Blackout 20 RD Box 150Gr Defensive Silver Tip - $29.99
6.5 Creedmoor 20RD Box $47.99 (Nosler 120gr Ballistic Tip)
20GA 5RD Box Slugs $6.99
545x39 20RD Box $12.99 (Steel Case)


No appointment required for AMM0
AMM0 Hours:
Tues - Fri 1030AM - 430PM
Sat 1130AM - 330PM
Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays
Ring Bell on Left Side of Door

Discount Gun Source
4555 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 104
Las Vegas, NV 89147

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