Dan Wesson 715 357 Magnum


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Looking at getting my first wheel gun ... anyone have experience with CZ Dan Wesson 715 357 Magnum 4"/6"/8" model.

Thanks in advance.


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Heck, I've not even see or heard of anyone who's gotten one of the new ones from CZ yet. Good question.


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I searched the smith and wesson revolver forums and found a post from november 2018 about a guy who loves his DW 715 pistol pack. He claims it is very well made, great shooter, accurate and a keeper. A few others chimed in with similar experiences. He paid $1800 for the full pistol pack from Buds.
I've got one. Bought a NIB "blemish" model last year (the only way to get a reasonable price, as these carry a hefty price tag on GoBroker). Had a scuff or two on the barrel (much like every gun in my safe, just from handling).

Nice revolver, as all Dan Wesson's are. Smooth and accurate.

Very high quality, heavy piece. Soaks up the 357 recoil quite nicely.

Lots of review videos on youtube.

FYI, been thinking of putting mine up for sale to offset some of my recent purchases. PM me if you are interested.


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Thanks for the reply’s and the offer ... yeah, all the reviews rave about it.

I do wonder about any 44 plans in the future, seeing as this was a return to revolvers from a decade hiatus for Dan Wesson.


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I had a blue 15 many years ago with 4 and 6 inch Vent Heavy barrels. Never should have sold it. I still have a blue .22 rimfire. I think it's called a 1522 but I can't remember. If you are used to a Smith and Wesson, the Dan Wesson feels a bit odd at first. The cylinder release on the crane feels odd until you get used to it. Cylinder revolves the opposite way as a S&W. If I had a chance to pick one up at a fair price, I'd buy it. Both of mine were from Monson.
I have an original DW 715 w/4" Monson manufactured. Love it!! Shoots nice! The new CZ model shrouds and barrels apparently will also fit the old models from what I've read.