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Couple of GMRS repeaters... (Southern Nevada)


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... atop of Mt Potosi
462.625 MHz + | 141.3 PL
462.675 MHz + | 162.2 PL

Had a nice clear conversation from a Boafeng HT on the 625 machine yesterday evening from out here in Mesquite. Was told it was the more active of the two repeaters. Tried to use the 675 machine using two different HTs with the proper programming above. I could receive but while my transmit signal was clear, it had no modulation. (Will investigate further; possibly using one cheap Radioddity mobile or a Kenwood mobile.)

This should reach Pahrump and much of the valley.



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Edited to provide more info.
Nets on Las Vegas GMRS repeater 462.625, + offset, PL 141.3
1915 hrs - Mondays
1900 hrs - Thursdays.
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