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Combat Handgun Tune up, Las Vegas, September 24th

Combat Handgun Tune up
Clark county shooting park
Educational center 50 yard range

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
7:30 am – 1:00 pm

This training will emphasize:
Drawing from concealment
Shooting from close contact
Shooting on the move
Use of cover
Distance shooting out to fifty yards
One handed shooting, both right and left
Malfunction immediate action drills

Required equipment: Handgun with at least two magazines or speed loaders (more is better), dominant side holster that completely covers the trigger guard (inside the waistband is fine), eye and ear protection, brimmed hat, and a concealment garment. Knee pads are optional.

Ammunition: 200 rounds
Cost: $80
Given the potential for Metro allowing early CCW renewals for those who want the NICS exemption, I'm adding an optional free lecture block after the class which will complete the CCW renewal training requirements.

This certificate is valid for one year from the training date.

No additional cost except your time.