Christensen Arms opinions

Well... I have money burning a hole in my pocket and I am getting close to buying a modern precision rifle in 6.5 creedmor.

Purpose of rifle will primarily for hunting and peripherally for all other long range fun.

Before I spend way to much money, wanted to check other people's experiences or opinions of Christensen.


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Good rifles but you’re paying for a name and appearance.

Can’t get the same or better results buying a solid platform and working the action, putting a barrel and custom stock. I’ve always seen Christensen as rifles for those who want a semi custom option but don’t wanna go through the hassle with gunsmithing.

Can’t go wrong either way but if it’s truly for hunting.. seems like an expensive hunting rifle and range toy. Also know a lot of the Christensen rifles have the muzzle device incorporated into the barrel. So if you don’t like it can’t really change it without buying a new barrel.
Yeah... the more I think about the more the modern precision rifle isn't the right choice. I probably should just do a purpose built very nice hunting rifle. Don't really need a folding stock and carbon fiber handguard for all the accessories I won't use.

Now thinking the Mesa model might be the way to go. I am not really finding another company that gives the options you get with Mesa for a similar price. I may get it just for the barreled action, then drop it in a Magpul stock. Unless anyone recommend a company that does built to order barreled actions that are 700 footprint?
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Freedom Firearms had a few of em, if you wanted to get hands on. Honestly feel you could save hundreds on something else and get the same performance. Bass Pro has some really nice 6.5 rifles on sale that are geared for long range hunting.