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Cancelled. Tactical Medicine, Las Vegas, 11/12/11

Introduction to Tactical Medicine
Saturday, November 12, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Las Vegas, NV

This one day course will introduce the basic skills necessary to manage life-threatening trauma in a tactical environment.
In addition to Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, the training will emphasize self care and care under fire.

Course topics will include:
• How care under fire differs from standard first aid
• Priorities of action in a tactical environment
• The purpose built medical kit vs. field expedient gear
• Communication and task delegation in a team environment
• Scene security
• Self care
• Body substance isolation
• Rapid trauma assessment
• Treatment priorities
• Controlling life-threatening bleeding
• Airway management
• CPR –When and when not
• Triage in a multi-victim situation
• When and how to move a patient

Students will be familiarized with the contents of a standard “blowout” trauma kit and learn to apply a variety of commercial pressure bandage and tourniquets to themselves in self care rehearsal.
We will also explore “field expedient” medical solutions with commonly available items like clothing, household items, and range gear.

Participants will practice all skills “hands-on” with training partners and manikins in multiple event simulations.

Students should wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for moderate physical activity. Older clothing is suggested due to the likelihood of staining from contact with blood stimulant during training exercises.

Course fee (includes manual and training materials): $150

Alumni of previous Invictus 2010-2011 Tacmed classes may attend at half price.
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Folks, if you shoot weapons, TAKE THIS COURSE!

The information is excellent and Chuck presents it in an effective and fun way to learn it.

You will not regret taking this course.

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I would LOVE to take this class, but I have a previous engagement for that weekend. It seems like this happens every time it's offered.


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Chuck does a great job and this is money well spent !