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C&R Appraisals in LV?


Steel Junkie
Are there any shops in town that will do an appraisal on a C&R gun for a fee? I recently inherited a 1941 Walther PP and would like to get its value appraised before listing it online. I've done some research and while I have an idea of what it's worth, I'd rather have the full run down done by an expert in regards to condition rating etc. so as to not misrepresent anything on my listing.


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Most "appraisers" these days will get a firm idea of the condition and then check the "Completed Sales" portion of GunBroker, something you can do yourself. You only look at the auctions of items that have sold.


Steel Junkie
Yeah I've done that and looked at a few different models to gauge condition. I think mine is in 96-97% of original finish, with the most wear points around the muzzle and the sharper edges of the gun, along with the top of the beavertail and the bottom heel of the backstrap.

20200202_092934z.jpg 20200202_093029z.jpg 20200202_093857z.jpg
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Ronnie @LoadedChamber may be able to help. He also has customers with special interest in certain Walther handguns from that era. He helped evaluate my PPK when I was looking to get an estimated value.