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Blade reproduction


I have a Benchmade AFCK 806D2 that is used and abused. I was wondering if you could reproduce me a blade for it if I sent it to you? The knife packs so well I don't want anything else but the blade is getting worn. It has been with me for years and I cut and stab putting greens, fertilizer bags, boxes, strapping, etc every day.



Obsessed Member
Hi Dan,

I have only ever replaced one pocket knife blade and after that experience would not like to do it again. I simply do not have the proper equipment or skills to do it properly. When I have the right equipment and have made a few pocket knives of my own I will have no problem with it. But for now must decline the offer.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Benchmade is not doing any more AFCK blades. Too bad, as it was one of their most popular models.