Black Mountain Outfitters has changed name to Team CCH outfitters.....beware

I have posted about my bad hunting experience with these guys in 2013 and if you check their web page you see the only pictures of them or their kids with game. Same group....beware .
Thanks ..... I vented on my very bad experience a few years back. Bottom line is they basically use their clients to scout and then either they or their children end up shooting the good stuff later . Their trophy board is mostly family members and guides....check it out. My experience is good outfitters don't change their name unless it has a bad rep.

Maybe before you go out of your way to run down someone's outfitter business maybe you should get your facts straight! The owner of Black Mountain Outfitters in Battle Mtn. decided to close his business, and go in a different direction. I hunted with them there last 4 years in operation. My father hunted with then the last five. We always received complete respect, and a good hunt from the owner of Black Mountain. Team CCH Outfitters is a complete different operation. A few of the members of Team CCH sub guided for the owner of Black Mountain, and decided to open there own guide service when Black Mountain closed.

In fact, in 2015 I was guided by two of the member of Team CCH, while hunting with Black Mountain for a late season deer hunt in area 7. I killed my second best mule deer while on that hunt. They had been scouting the area for weeks prior to the hunt, and new the area very well. New the bucks, and the patterns of them. I received nothing but respect, and a great hunt from my guides on that hunt. They wanted us to have every opportunity to harvest a great deer. Both gentlemen where complete professionals, and I would hunt with them again. And would recommend them to anyone. Trust me I have been on some poorly represented hunts by outfitters, but Black Mountain wasn't one of them. Nor, do I think you would receive that type of service from Team CCH.

If you don't mind me asking who was your guide on your hunt, and why do you feel you receive a poor hunt? Did you fill your tag on the hunt? Did you only hunt with Black Mountain once? And, lastly did you talk with the owner of Black Mountain about your experience, good or bad? The owner of Black Mountain was a pretty fair person, I think he would have done what he could to see that you had a good hunt!

I would really like to hear your reply to my questions.