Big ammo dealers absent from "Big Reno Gun Show"

Nevada Hudson

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Big ammo dealers were absent from "Big Reno Gun Show" today.

Attendance was sparse and dealers were pissed off from lack of foot traffic, due to absent large ammo dealers.
Miwall still goes to the Crossroads of the West shows.

Something happened between the Big Reno organizers and them went they moved to the convention center I think, it's a shame and will hurt that show in the long run without an ammo vendor.


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I remember reading about these Gun Shows you speak of. How they had rooms with tables full of guns and cheap Chinese accessories at only a 50% markup over internet or catalog prices. How they had only two kinds of vendors, the ones that would either try to hard sell every passerby on their Village People inspired leather concealment vest or similarly unsalesworthy type of invention or the other type of vendor who looked upon every potential customer with venom and disdain because they surely knew only a fraction of what they know about guns.

Boy am I glad that Al Gore blessed us with the internet so that we don’t have to deal with that nonsense just to buy guns, ammo and accessories.


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Hahaha yeah the last time I took my dad to one we just walked out completely disappointed. How did we just spent 3 hours in a giant room full of guns and not enjoy the experience?