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Beware: Overwaxed Mini Mag Target @ Bass Pro

If you're shopping for Mini Mag Target rounds (CPRN), avoid lot M0AA02. I bought five boxes of 100rds from Bass Pro and all five boxes had a significant number of overwaxed heads, to the point that the ammunition did not fall free from the organizing tray and had to be pushed out from the other side (leaving a visible amount of wax residue on the tray). I tried shooting them as-is and they gummed up in both my 10/22 and 22/45, so you will probably need to manually remove the wax build up for these rounds to function reliably. Here is a pic of the buildup I'm talking about (overwaxed on the left, a regular round from another lot on the right):


Wax scraped off with thumbnail:


Organizer trays with wax residue:


Bass Pro doesn't take returns on ammo once it has left the store, but I contacted CCI about this issue and maybe they'll do something about it. In the mean time I guess I'll be scraping wax off of 400 rounds of ammo....
I let management know but didn't ask for a refund. They are pretty strict on the ammo policy. Besides, the ammo will run after scraping the wax off; it's just inconvenient.

Here's 400 rds worth of wax shavings. I ended up 3d printing a tool to scrape it off.

Update: I contacted CCI and they've offered to reship the ammo back to them and exchange it, all on their dime. So if you do run into a waxy batch, contact them through the ask the experts portal on their website and they can process the exchange for you. Don't waste your time like me and try cleaning the rounds off ;)