Berry's 115 gr RNHB Recipes

i have Loaded over a thousand Berry's FMJRN' but am looking at Berry;s 115 gr hollow base RN,,,any suggestions for powder recipes.


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Power pistol.... maybe a little off topic but if you are looking for accuracy IMHO they arent the best. And since their price points are the same as several FMJ's I've came across I've never found a need for pay their proud price tags.


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I've used both Berry's and, Xtreme. I prefer Xtreme (altho they both are great). I started reloading 9mm when the material was hard to get. So, I have always loaded 9mm with WSF. its always been easy to get and, I like it. not too dirty and, it measures well. I use it for target loads and, I load it lightly so my wife also likes to shoot it - use: 4.3 gr of WSF works great. I also have drifted away from the 115s to the 124s.