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Beat Up Mosin's Now Going For $469.95 !!


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I've noticed J&G often thinks very highly of C&R pieces they have for sale.

But a number of mil surps have gone thru the roof, SVT40, particularly with the factory scope rails for e ample, are going for 10 times what they did a decade ago. And 20 times what they were 25 years ago, when I bought two, one without the rails for $59, and one with the rails for $79.
One of my brothers also bought one with the rails at the same time, he recently sold it for $2200.

Schmidt-Rubin K31 is another example, $60 a few years back and now $400-$600.

The biggest increase I can easily remember is the 1941 Johnson rifle, there was a time, many decades ago, where we had them in the shop , take your pick, for $40 and couldn't give them away. Look at the prices on these now.