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ATF working on Sunday?

Got my 2nd E Form1 (for a 9mm silencer) back yesterday!

Submitted on 06/17/19. 14 business days!

ATF must be working overtime!

I'm not complaining...



Geth Prime
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Ugh. I need to get off my roundella and get my F1 cans submitted. Got parts all in. Been lazy.
Yeah I'm getting really anxious w/all the politicians and their views on silencers. I want to do 1 more for a 22 rimfire then I'm good.


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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... mailed in form 4 check was cashed on 2/11/19...still waiting.
You may as well stop counting. I always just forget about it. Eventually, it's an unexpected present. In fact, you just reminded me I have a Halcyon 22 suppressor in jail that I had completely forgotten about.


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In response to the title of this thread "ATF working on Sunday?"
Let me offer this:

"Yes, they kick down doors 7 days a week at all hours based on THEIR (not a judge's!) interpretation of the law !

Congrats on getting the E forms back so quick, maybe something in that agency is working as it should.