WTS Arsenal SLR107-UR (Krinkov), Class 3 SBR

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If you’re reading this you already know that this is a solid rifle, and is unavailable for purchase (out of stock) at the moment in the US. I am the original owner. It has been a safe queen, and I haven’t shot it in over a year. It is filed under Form 1 Trust, and the barrel is 8.5 inches. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x39. Barrel chop and crown was professionally done by Arizona Response Systems. The round count is approximately 400, it runs like a top. It has an upgraded recoil spring.

Comes with everything pictured minus the Blue Force sling. Optic pictured is a Holosun that has an EOtech like reticle that can switched to a 2 moa dot if that suits you better. Optic is mounted with an RS regulate AK-302 / AKML combo sidemount. Muzzle device is a 4 piece flash hide. Package comes with two 30 round magazines, upgraded furniture (Bulgarian wooden handguards, and triangle side folder), the standard additional furniture (Arsenal US pieces) in the picture, unused factory sling, and the Arsenal 5 round magazine.

Should the buyer want to have it as an SBR, it has to be a ATF Form 4 transfer, there are NO exceptions. I will assist the buyer with the NFA process. ** For those who want the rifle, but do not want to have an NFA item, I can order an extended 4 piece brake and have my gunsmith pin and weld it, and I will remove it from the NFA registry. I will split the cost of said work, and brake with you**

$1700. The only partial trade I will consider is a EXPS2-0, or 3-0 EOtech plus the remaining cash balance.

I am located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas. I do have many mags available (drums, bakelites, Bulgarian circle 10, and ammo if the purchaser would like to purchase any of that as well). Any accessories listed are not for sale until the rifle itself is sold.


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