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AR Lower Question

I've been thinning the herd and next up is odd stuff in the gun locker. I have an AR lower manufactured by Bohica in the early to mid 90's or there abouts. I acquired it to build another AR, but that never happened. It is marked "BOHICA M16-SA" and is a bare lower.

Am I legal to sell this lower? I believe the answer is yes, but I know the ATFE consider the thing with the serial number the gun. Your comments and info greatly appreciated in advance.

Cheers, Bohica Lower.jpg


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Yes, you can sell it, as a firearm. You can't mail it to an unlicensed person in another state, but private party sales to adults with no paperwork or ID checks are perfectly fine in the state of NV through the end of the year.

Is that a bronze color, or just funny lighting?