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Anyone loading W/HBN tumbled bullets?

Hexagonal Boron Nitride powder (HBN) has become the new hotness for precision rifle reloading.

G.David Tubb's website has info on it and is a good place to start.
Then go to Youtube and search for "Long Range Only HBN use" to see a detailed video on its use.

I'm going to those communists at Harbor Freight today to get a double tumbler so when my HBN comes I can begin getting my 6.5 bullets treated. And maybe my 130 gr. Berger Hybrids too for my .300 Win mag HS Precision rifle.

What's the fuss all about?
1.-> MUCH more "slippery" than moly coating
2.-> SO slippery that you must increase your powder charge to regain lost velocity B/C there is not enough barrel friction to slow the bullet and permit pressure to build enough!
3.-> cooler running barrel (proven W/ infrared heat sensors)
4.-> longer lasting barrel (due to running cooler)
AND NUMBER FIVE-> no more "cold bore shot" fliers!! (amazing but true)

So check it out if you aren't already using HBN.


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lotta guys here using it they may or may not chime in...i played with it for about 3 minutes...i dont like it because you have to run more powder to reach the same velocities as a bare bullet so IMHO that negates the extra barrel life ppl claim...it also adds steps to something ive done my best to reduce the steps and i had seating issues when i used it...it was or felt like sand on the bullets...gritty...and caused inconsistent seating depths.
Seating depths and HBN


I've never heard of seating depth problems when using bullets coated with HBN. I'll check with some guys in the 6.5 Creedmoor site to see if they had this problem. Thanks for the heads up.

Eric B.