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Anyone ever find out metro had their gun but didnt have it as stolen? Update: on the return waitlist


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Got a call from ATFs tracing office yesterday about a P64 I bought on C&R that ended up in metros vault, I never sold but allowed my then-fiance to keep in her apartment for nights I was not there for her and the kids. My ex kept it after a break up, I figured she would come around and give it up eventually but something apparently happened. So i called metro and long story short proved to them i got the pistol on CR in 14 with the invoice from classic and sent my boundbook. Apparently, however, the gun is in their locker because of an incident. I have a couple questions if anyones ever been in this boat:

1. Did proving i own it and explaining I figured my ex would come around and return it (shes not listed in the event report, i shouldve reported it, did try but they cant find it so im calling it unreported, i know, no bully plz) implicate me somehow as to why they have it? Like if a crime was committed with it am I somehow now on the hook?
2. Gun Disposition said there is about a one month backlog in getting returned guns. Sound about right? Note: they cant tell me much of anything so im being a nervous wreck right now

The reason I am concerned about number 1 is the possibility of a horror story. Knowing who had it and her having had a piece of paper with my signature saying she had permission to borrow it while we were together wasnt exactly a bill of sale, was revoked when we broke up by another piece of paper but neither is in my or metro possession. If anyones a cop and can kinda help me beyond answering number 1 but off the record feel free to PM me. Anybody else, how screwed if at all am I?

Hopefully this turns out to be a feel good story at the end of the day but what happens if two people own the same gun; as in, say someone acquired this P64 and also had it go missing? Originally reported as a stolen p64 last november. I always thought she lied and kept it because a friend told me she saw it at her house after I posted the stolen watch thread on it


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Unless there was criminal negligence involved in you giving it to someone whom you know is unstable or the like, I don't see any bad coming to you. It's perfectly fine to give other at-the-time-good people a firearm.

I think the worst you are facing is not enough evidence or whatever they want for them to give it back to you. You are lucky that it's a cheap gun. That drastically increases the odds you get it back.


Troublemaking Redneck
Thanks MAC. I think they wouldve got me by now it they wanted me. Even if not, you make a lot ot sense. Guess ill see in a month in a half.
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