Anybody do Zink Phosphate Parkerizing?

Need an AK bolt and carrier parkerized with zink phosphate. Both parts will be stripped clean and blasted with alum-oxide.
I want the grey zink parkerized finish not the black manganese finish.


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You can do it your self if you can't find someone to do it. I do a fair amount of mag parkerizing, and it's pretty simple. If you google "zinc parkerizing kit", you will find a kit with the chemical and a "post treatment solution". You don't really need the post treatment solution. WD40 is a reasonable facsimile and works great.

The most important things are that you have a bare metal uniform surface and it is absolutely degreased. I use "SP cleaner degreaser" from Caswell Plating. It's a powder that you mix with water. It's not dangerous. I usually boil the parts in the solution for 10 minutes or so, and they will be super clean. Move them around in the solution occasionally while degreasing.

Once degreased, rinse well. Heat your park solution (in a stainless pot) to the proper temp, put in your parts, and watch them fizz. I like to agitate the water a bit and move the parts around a few times while the chemical is working its magic, so that no area of the parts are in contact with the heating vessel for the entire time. Use some soft tipped tongs. When the fizz stops, they are done. Usually just a few minutes. Rinse them off, dry, coat with WD40 to displace all water. Park solution should be saved for future use.


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Yeah its crazy simple,. I do my guns in my garage, I just use a sand blasting cabinet I got at Harbor Freight, and either my park tank or if I am doing a pistol, or smaller parts, a stainless steel bowl. Comes out super nice. I would offer to do it for you but the only park solution I have is the black manganese stuff