Another FN TSR range day


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My range in Albuquerque requires a class and qualification to shoot on their long range facility. We have the ability to shoot out 1000 yards. To be allowed to shoot on the range you have to print on an F class 1000 yard target. (6x6 foot) 70 percent of the time. Had the orientation class today. We shoot at 300 to warm up and make sure we’re on paper. Then at 600 to qualify at that range. If you can shoot 600 and can’t make it work at 1000 you can shoot out to 600. Then we move back to 1000 for another string of 10 shots. The shots are hit/miss. As long as you print on the target anywhere it’s good.

The next opportunity to shoot is Monday AM, so I took my rifle to the 100 yard range to make sure I know where I’m printing.

Shots off to the right was a warm up group of 5 shots. This group was the second string of 5. Not sub MOA, but one of the better groups I’ve shot with this rifle.

I came home to find the screws on my base had come loose. Damn that’s annoying. Back to the range tomorrow to make sure my zero wasn’t too messed up pulling off the rings and putting new lock tight on the base.

However in any case I should be able to get on frame at 1000 to qualify. BA1E0732-0C2B-414C-A33B-845E70776049.jpeg

And the tool for today’s shooting — FN TSR in 300 wsm. Bottom metal magazine conversion to use detachable magazines. Vortex 6-24 hs-t scope
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Took a total of 18 shots — two at 300 to make sure on paper, 7 at 600, 2 at 800, and 7 at 1000. While no amazing feat all rounds were on the 6’x6’ target. Actually inside 1000 I kept them all in the 7 ring of the 1000yd F class target. At 1000 the wind started to wax and wane and I wasn’t paying attention to my wind calls.

Now the real fun starts, trying to keep MOA at 1000
That looks like a great set up. I think its really smart to have to qualify to shoot at the longer distances. That type of precision shooting is way beyond me. MOA at 1000? wow. Let us know how it goes.