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Ammo in stock


What, me conspiracy?
How much was 9mm going for before all this madness happened? I don't remember.
On the high side of the perspective, if you were buying a box at a time at Cabela's, it was $10-11/box for the majority of the basic stuff. I would see it go on sale occasionally for like $8.50/box. In fact, I picked up a couple 500 round packs on sale in early March at Cabela's for $79.99/each. That's under $0.17/round with tax, at a retail store with plenty on the shelf most of the time, prior to wuflu. But you could also easily find it online for $0.13-0.15/round shipped in larger quantities. Or you could buy it here and other private party avenues for even less.


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I wonder if we'll ever see those prices again.

I think I remember seeing those tula steelcase 9mm ammo at Walmart for even cheaper than that.


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I just don't see it in the near term.

If orange-man-bad wins the riot machine will be turned up to 11 (or worse). Assuming things are handled as they have been to date (criminals allowed to pillage at will) I don't see the demand for guns or ammo declining, but increasing. On the flip side, if the now lame duck president cracks down hard on these wankers, we might see a reduction in demand, but only if the crack down is effective. If it, instead, causes smaller hard-core provocateurs to take it to the next level, it could get worse, much worse.

If Joe/Hoe wins, I see an immediate increase in demand, particularly for those items on the 'ban' list, even before the formal 'ban' wheel starts churning. If and when they announce their plans to ban EBRs, standard capacity magazines, and internet ammo sales, the demand for those things will increase again. If, in the worst case scenario, the left holds all three branches, and a real possibility of these bans actually exists, then demand for all potentially-banned items will skyrocket.
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