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Ammo Count, 81 years worth

I did an ammo inventory and came up with enough .22LR to shoot a rabbit every day for the next 81 years.

Talking to a friend who said "that's ridiculous", I explained that I go to the range to shoot .22's about 10 times a year. Each trip I shoot about 300-500 rounds. Which is 3000-5000 rounds a year and makes my current ammo inventory last about 5-7 years. I'm going to be 55 and plan on living a while longer so I told my friend I need to buy about double what I currently have to not worrying about running out if there is another ammo "shortage" like we had when O'Bummer was President or if we ever get a Demoncrat in the White House. Thankfully I can buy all the .22LR I think I need at a reasonable price now so I'll be stocking up.

If any of you are wondering about .22LR shelf life I have several open bricks from the late 70's and 80's that shoot just as well (or better since it is all 40gr) as the newer 36gr .22LR I have been taking to the range the past few years.

See you at the range!


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A few months ago, an online seller was selling Fiocchi 9mm for 149.00 a thousand rounds. I hit the cart button and changed my mind. The next day I thought about it and decided to buy it, I went to the ad to cart, paid for it and realized I had two cases instead of one. Oh well, a week later I had two thousand rounds. I have a lot of 9mm guns, so it's all good.


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I've got somewhere between 30 and 35,000 rounds of .22LR. I don't shoot .22s much, but I've got 9 grand-kids...... Oh, I shoot .22s now and then, but it's mostly for the kids! I still buy .22s anytime I see what looks like a good price...
22s are the best. Cheap and fun.. Post pics of your fungun
Ruger K77/22 with a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14AOx40. 24" heavy target barrel, awesome shooter! I've had this one for 25+ years. Also have a Ruger 10-22/22 which has a factory stock 22" stainless barrel, also an excellent shooter with a nice Leupold on that as well.
Ruger K77-22.jpg


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I lost count of my inventory of .22lr ammo long ago. I am pretty sure I will not have a shortage of .22lr ammo for the next ammo shortage.

I had to take a trip up to bullhead city taking my son to the dentist for a wisdom tooth, ( don't ask, I live in Havasu and it seems you have to go to kingman or bullhead for medical, dental or vet care as Havasu sucks for any of those ) I drove around and stopped in a couple gun stores and pawn shops, one place had all kinds of bulk ammo... .22 TCM in bulk lol never thought I would see that, as well as boxes and boxes of 5k rounds of .22.. and the usual bulk 9mm 7.62 both nato and russian, .223/5.56 etc.. was not prepared to do any shopping but he goes back in 3 weeks for more work, I am putting money aside and paying off a credit card just for the occasion....


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Shhhh.... don’t be talking about your stash, Big Sis the Gov. is listening... ;-)

I love being able to buy ammo online, and worry that someday that option may be taken from Nevadans like has happened to several other states, or they will legislate new laws that will make it cost prohibitive and too much of a hassle.

I noticed during checkout the other day that one of my favorite online ammo retailers, targetsportsusa, has started collecting sales tax for NV. May not sound like a big deal, but it definitely increases the cost per round. Fortunately, my other favorite, sgammo, had a great deal on the same stuff and still does not collect tax. I’m assuming all of them will be required to collect tax in the near future. Still a better value than buying locally, especially for high volume shooters.


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Talking to a friend who said "that's ridiculous", I explained ...
Most folks that are not regular shooters, even a number gun owners that don't visit the range often (or at all), do not understand how much ammo you can go through in a single range session (Read: LOTS :) )

This is part of why then Pols come out with their asinine proposals of 'limiting ammo purchases to X per month' (where "X" has been as low as 20 rounds recently in one place) a fair bulk of the herd sees nothing wrong with such an idea. "Well, why would you need so much ammunition?", "What could you possibly be doing with that much ammunition?", or worse "Only a criminal/killer would need that much ammunition.".


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I noticed during checkout the other day that one of my favorite online ammo retailers, targetsportsusa, has started collecting sales tax for NV.
Once the retailer breaks a certain threshold of sales in the state then they have to charge sales tax. There was a Supreme Court case related to it.